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OE-R sensors

OE-R sensors are cost-efficient direct replacements for OE sensors, with no additional programming necessary. The sensor can be fitted and is fully functional following the vehicle’s standard relearn procedure.

EU-Pro Hybrid Sensor

Hamaton’s universal EU-Pro Hybrid sensor is the next generation in TPMS – offering complete flexibility, with coverage of over 95% of direct TPMS-enabled vehicles and the fastest configuration available on the market.

Features of Hamaton’s sensors

  • Dual valve capability – allowing independent replacement of the valve stem, and the ability to exchange between Clamp-In and Snap-In valves.
  • 7-year Maxell battery, with the latest NXP chipset and a lightweight, durable housing.
  • Equipped with alloy wheel protectors, preventing damage to alloy wheels during installation.
  • Designed for optimum compatibility with OE and aftermarket wheels – no adjustment necessary.

*While the sensor is warranted for 3 years, the valve has a separate warranty of 24 months – however if the tyre is removed, the valve must be serviced to uphold the warranty.

H46 Diagnostic Tools

The H46 is a robust, upgradable TPMS diagnostic tool manufactured by global market-leader, ATEQ.

  • Configures EU-Pro Hybrid sensors in seconds, reads all OE sensors, and can be upgraded to program all popular universal aftermarket sensors.
  • Can be upgraded with OBDII Module for relearn procedures.
  • Provides indirect, manual, and auto relearn procedure information.
  • Free updates for 5 years* and an extended, free 2-year warranty.
  • Displays all available sensor data including ID, tyre pressure, tyre temperature and battery status.
  • Frequent on line updates ensure new vehicles are introduced quickly, for up-to-date coverage at all times.

Available Upgrades:

  • Upgrade to popular universal aftermarket sensors*
  • OBDII Module
  • Carry Case

*5 years free updates not available after upgrade.

Hamaton’s TPMS product line also includes a complete range of replacement parts covering 100% of OE and aftermarket sensors, as well as TPMS Starter Kits, workshop tools, and accessories.

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